[CM11] Flattington

flattington-theme-cyanogenmod-1 flattington-theme-cyanogenmod-2 flattington-theme-cyanogenmod-3 flattington-theme-cyanogenmod-4

Flattington is a theme for theme engine/theme chooser, which puts emphasis on flat and classy design with muted colors.

Compatible with XXHDPI/XHDPI devices.

themed elements:

-settings screen
-notification drawer
-quick settings
-status bar
-navigation bar
-dialog windows and popups
-holo white and dark elements
-google plus action bar
-ringtone, notification, and alarm sound

[CM11] Flux theme

flux_theme_cm11-6 flux_theme_cm11-5 flux_theme_cm11-3 flux_theme_cm11-2 flux_theme_cm11-1 flux_theme_cm11-4

Flux is designed with pixel perfect precision to give your phone a completely new modern look and feel! With high quality graphics and full of features, you will enjoy using your phone! Flux theme is compatible with CM11/PA (and every other rom with the new Theme Engine included) and works best with xxhdpi & xhdpi screen resolutions.

What’s Included/Themed?
• Framework
• SystemUI
• Settings
• Dialer
• Keyboard
• Fonts
• Lockscreen
• Wallpaper
• Loading Spinners
• Boot Animations
• Themed System/Stock Icons
• Ringtones/Alarms/Notifications
• And much more!

Theme available on Play Store